How do I send crypto to my Stablehouse account?

There are two areas on your dashboard where deposits can be made. You can deposit crypto directly from the deposit button below your account balance or by scrolling the dashboard to the currency you would like to deposit. 


Step 1: When depositing into your Stablehouse account, make sure to select the correct currency from the list of coins that we support. Sending crypto to the wrong address can result in the non-refundable loss of your deposit

Step 2: Once you have selected the coin you would like to deposit into your Stablehouse account, your available balance and APY of that wallet will be shown along with the QR and address code. 

Step 3: Copy your Stablehouse deposit address and use it when sending crypto from your external wallet.

Step 4: Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, Stablehouse will notify you via email and credit your account.


Please note that we only support ERC20 and Bitcoin networks.




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